Work Study at Sangha Studio

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Sangha Studio! In our Work Study Program we ask that you commit to one role/task/job for three month cycles that are consistent with our schedule changes (listed below). This means choosing one time slot to help a teacher with checkin, one time to clean the studio or mats, one time to do laundry, etc. You will then stick to that weekly time for three months. In exchange for your time, energy and commitment a three-month Sustaining Membership will be put on your account.  You cannot miss more than two time commitments. If you do, your membership will be suspended.

We hope you think of volunteering just as you would anything else you value. We rely on you and your role within the studio to make things run smoothly. When that falls short or doesn’t happen, it affects the work the studio and teachers are able to do. We understand that schedules change and things come up, we simply ask that you stay in touch and let us know where you are at so we can plan accordingly.

Your help is incredibly valuable and we appreciate all that you do. As always, if you ever need to re-evaluate your position, let us know.

Current Schedule Cycles: 


September – November

December – February


**We require a three-month commitment from our volunteers and well as having been to classes at the studio for at least one-month prior to being involved in the Work Study program so that you understand the mission and community at Sangha Studio.**

Please contact our Studio Manager, Britt, at with questions or interest.