Get on our sub list!

We are excited that you would like to teach at Sangha Studio!

Note: we are not currently hosting demos. Keep checking back in for an update as to when we will be. In the meantime, to learn about COMMUNITY CLASSES click here.

To be sure that our teachers understand the mission and overall vibe at Sangha Studio we follow the below process for adding teachers to our approved sub and yoga service email list. Largely, let us get to know you and share your interest with us! If you’d like to ONLY teach in our service programs, let us know that too! Our sangha is built on community and getting to know one another. So, let us know that you are interested, stay connected, check in, and we will go from there. We find our studio teachers by starting on the sub list and adding to our schedule as works for you and for us!

  • Participation: You must be attending (or have attended) classes at Sangha and understand the “feel” of the studio. Let us know you are interested in teaching! From here we will add you to our local yoga teacher e-list. We add all teachers here and occasionally email with yoga things happening at Sangha and/or in town.
  • Model class: Give us a chance to see you teach! If you are teaching locally, let us know where and when and we can come to a class. If you aren’t teaching locally, let us know that you’d like to offer a complimentary private or mini-class to show your stuff ;). These classes can take place at Sangha Pine or Sangha North when space is available. If you are going to host a private class, feel free to invite your friends to join in too! Let us know if you would like to be on the sub list for both studios, our yoga service teacher list, or both at this time.

The above two bullet points are required for being on the sub list as well as the yoga service email list.

The finer details:

After we have taken a class with you, we may open a conversation about subbing and/or teaching with Sangha. So now, let’s get you trained. You will need to be able to open and/or lock the studio, close up between classes, welcome people, and check them in to class.

  • Paperwork: All teachers must provide a copy of their insurance, RYT teaching certification (or specialization of class style looking to be taught), certifications that would relate to service program teaching, and fill out a W9 form for payment. We will discuss our pay structure at this time.
  • Check-in: You will shadow check-in at least 1 time (with Britt or Caitlin P. specifically) before being on the approved sub list. If you are on the approved sub list for studio classes you will be expected to accurately check all students into a class in MindBodyOnline. Yoga service classes do not need to know how to use MindBodyOnline or shadow check-in, but it is preferred.
  • Duties: As a teacher on the approved sub list you will have an understanding of opening, between class, and closing duty procedures.

After your paperwork is on file, check-in and duties are completed you will be on the sub list and/or service list we will send you emails when we need subs at both studios or programs open up!

Please let us know if you have any questions!

Caitlin, Studio Director,
Britt, Studio Manager,