Teaching at Sangha Studio

We are excited that you would like to teach at Sangha Studio! To be sure that our teachers understand the mission and overall vibe at Sangha Studio we follow the below process for anyone to teach at Sangha Studio or as a representative of Sangha Studio. Largely, let us get to know you and share your interest with us! Our sangha is built on community and getting to know one another. So, let us know that you are interested and stay connected.

Keep in mind that we will add any yoga teacher to our “Community Yoga Teachers e-list” which we use occasionally for events and studio happenings. Should you want to simply be on that list, just send us an email with your name, email, and teaching style. No other information needed! Also, to teach a Sangha Flow Community Class, you do not need to send the information below as this is a class to get anyone involved who wants to be.

Teaching at Sangha Studio means being involved in any of the following ways:
  • Being on our studio sub list for drop-in classes
  • Teaching in our yoga service programs in the studio and in the community
  • Teaching at community events, such as Tumbledown Yoga or Grand Point North
  • Teaching a workshop at the studio (or similar type offering)
A few important things to keep in mind about teaching at Sangha:
  • Know that we prefer authentic personalities. As a growing studio, with many teachers, we want those who join our family of teachers who have experience teaching and a strong interest in their continued education and evolution as a teacher. We encourage our teachers to bring your style into your classes! We love seeing how each teacher’s personality makes Sangha the special place that it is. We love seeing creativity, and the community that that creates!
  • We are a community-based, supported, and operated studio. We expect our teachers to feel “at home” when they are here and make the space their own. We expect out teachers to help each other out and a part of the larger community events that we host.
  • We prefer to add teachers to our drop-in schedule who can commit to teaching a minimum of 2 classes/week and have availability to sub in the morning, afternoon, evenings, and weekend. In addition, we don’t tend to add teachers that are only able to stay teaching for 1 schedule cycle (due to the time it takes for training, learning the community, building class attendance, etc.) Please keep in mind that we move teachers from our sub list to teaching at the studio and ask for any subs to be available for a year (to give time for you to sub and then teach consistent studio classes).

Alright, let’s get this started!

Step 1 — Participation: You must be actively attending classes to understand the mission and culture of our studio.
Step 2 — Fill out the questions below and email back to info@sanghastudio.org
Step 3 — Video Class: 
After we have read your answers to the below questions and determined if your teaching style fits our current need, we will want to see you teach! Since we have such a teeny tiny admin staff, we schedule auditions selectively, so we ask that you send a video of your teaching style. This video can be you teaching a friend in your living room, or recording part of a public class. Make sure we can clearly hear your speaking voice, and you are teaching in your preferred style (aka the style class you would like to teach at the studio). This is your chance to show off your stuff! This video should be no more than 20 minutes in length. After that we may open a conversation about teaching with Sangha Studio.

Please include a resume of your yoga experience & training along with your answers to the below questions. You will receive a response within a week and a possible request for a teaching video. If you haven’t gotten an email back within a week, feel free to check back in!

  1. When (days & times) are you consistently available to teach?
  2. What style of yoga do you teach?
  3. Give a brief description (4 sentences or less) of a typical class with you — a class description of your style of teaching, not a class plan. More like your mission statement as a teacher, including characteristics about your class (if you play music, use props, give assists, chanting, theming, etc.).
  4. Where did you take your yoga teacher training and what certifications do you hold?
  5. When did you first start teaching yoga and how long have you been teaching for?
  6. Do you teach yoga full-time or are you otherwise employed/occupied?
  7. How many, if any, classes do you currently teach and for how long have you been teaching that schedule?
  8. What do you hope/want to get out of teaching at Sangha Studio?
  9. Do you have familiarity using MindBodyOnline for class check-ins?

Looking ahead at the full picture

After the above process has been completed and we have opened up a conversation about teaching, we will want to get you trained. You will need to be able to open and/or lock the studio, close up between classes, welcome people, and check them in to class.

  • Paperwork: All teachers must provide a copy of their teaching insurance, YTT teaching certification (and specialization of any other class styles looking to be taught), certifications that would relate to service program teaching, and fill out all paperwork for payment. We will discuss our pay structure at this time.
  • Check-in: Shadow check-in at least 1 time (with Britt or Caitlin P. specifically) before being on any approved teaching list (sub or service programs) to learn how to accurately check all students into a class in MindBodyOnline.
  • Duties: Review the opening, between class, and closing duty procedures located in the studio for any in-studio offerings.
  • After your paperwork is on file, check-in and duties are completed you will be on Teaching List (congrats!). We send you emails when we have a teaching opportunity that could be a good fit for you!
    Please let us know if you have any questions!

Caitlin & Britt
Caitlin Pascucci, Founder/Executive Director, caitlin@sanghastudio.org
Britt Shattuck, Assistant Director, britt@sanghstudio.org