Thank you for your interest in being involved with Sangha Studio’s community classes, Sangha Flow!

Why Sangha Flow? There are so many incredible yoga teachers in the area and everyone needs a time and place to shine. Students are teachers, and teachers are students. We wanted to offer up a space for the amazing teaching in our community gain experience and for students to explore different styles. In this class, we want to support the sharing and receiving of feedback so we can all grow and learn. So, ask students after class for feedback! We value the opportunity to offer these classes to our community and expect teachers to treat this class with the same respect and dedication that they would treat their own weekly scheduled class.

Details: Class is held once weekly on Sundays from 3-4pm at Sangha Studio Pine (120 Pine Street) and must be a flow-style class. The teacher is compensated with $20 credit to use at Sangha Studio.

Please complete the following questionnaire so we can get to know you and your teaching style! We will reach out to you shortly after receiving the completed form.