Individual Instruction


Are you looking for private, one-on-one instruction with a teacher at Sangha Studio? Continue reading below for more information. (Are you seeking private instruction for a group? Please see our page here for more info!)

Private lessons allow a student to work one-on-one with an instructor in any way they need, such as diving deeper into an individual posture or group of postures (i.e. inversions), tailoring a practice to best compliment an individual’s lifestyle, or working together to practice around an injury or medical condition(s).

Who do I work with?
Sangha Studio has 30+ amazing teachers who have varying specializations and areas of expertise. (Learn more about our teachers here!) If you’re not sure who you’d like to work with, we’re happy to help you find a teacher who best fits your individual needs and budget.

What do private lessons cost?
Private lessons often range from $45-$100 per session depending on the experience level and training of the teacher.

Where do private lessons take place?
Depending on the preferences of the student and the teacher, private lessons can take place at Sangha Studio or at another location.

Next steps:
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