Private Yoga Events & Space Rentals

Whether you’re looking to have a private class with your friends or coworkers, host a yoga class at your workplace or other location, rent one of our studio spaces, or any other space/private group yoga needs, this is your starting point. (Are you seeking individual, one-on-one instruction? Please see our page here for more info!)

Group classes and space rentals can take place at either of our two studio locations or on-site at your organization. Group privates tend to develop team building, create connections within the organization, and provide a wellness event. Sangha Studio manages all the logistics so that you and your team get a great yoga class without the hassle of needing yoga props, managing payment, or coordinating between multiple emails.

Sangha Studio will:

  • Place a qualified and certified teacher that matches the needs of your organization/class requests
  • Provide studio space or arrange the teacher to come to you
  • Provide insurance as needed
  • Provide mats, blocks, and props for the class as needed
  • Invoice organization based on decided rates
  • Provide teacher compensation and manage payroll for the teacher
  • Maintain confidentiality and respect of yoga students

Next steps:

Complete the following form to help us connect you with the resources that you need. Please allow up to one week for us to reply and know that the more time we have to coordinate, the more likely we are able to accommodate your request!