Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

Come meet yourself on the mat! Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy blends therapeutic dialog along with movement to integrate all levels of being — body, mind, and spirit. This non-diagnostic body-based approach is used to explore your unique life experience and perspective.

During a one-on-one session, you are guided to observe and witness your physical body through mindful movement and breath, as well as your mental and emotional bodies. This awareness provides an opportunity for you to connect with an inner source of wisdom and to decide how to move forward.

At the end of every session, you will walk away with an action step, chosen by you, that supports how you want to live your life. This is an opportunity to explore and to decide your personal path. Nothing needs to be “wrong” with you to use this modality– if you need support, if you are looking for clarity, if you want to create change, if you want something more or different, if you want to be empowered. Every human being benefits from listening deeply into what they need and desire.

If you are struggling, engaging with this process can help with any of the following: anxiety, trauma recovery, depression, stress management, life transitions, and negative body image. Anyone who is looking to be empowered through self-reflection and self-study is ready for this work. These sessions are not about fixing you but rather embracing all the parts of you so that you can be YOU.

Pre-registration required.
Suggested Donation: $45 member, $55 non-member