Lund works to break the cycles of poverty, addiction and abuse by supporting pregnant and parenting teens, young adults, and adoptive families with our integrated, compassionate services. The overarching goal of Lund’s education, treatment, adoption and family support services is that every child grows up in a safe, secure and loving family. Their unique and award winning programs wraparound families meeting them where they are and helping them to make progress towards their education, family and employment goals. Sangha Studio brings a once weekly yoga class into their space to help ground and center both parents and children in a safe inclusive environment.

“Yoga has been used to treat trauma for many years,” says Case Management Coordinator Amy Woodruff.  “It engages the body and mind in a way that provides the opportunity to calm the limbic system and allows for the cortex to be engaged. Physically yoga tones muscle and provides repetition that calms the body and promotes flexibility that strengthens the body’s core. The breathing and mindfulness practiced during yoga is also a skill that is beneficial to our moms.”

“In addition to the moms gaining the benefits of yoga themselves,” says Amy, “they are provided an opportunity to engage in a healthy activity that they can do with their children.  Doing yoga together allows them to teach their children the same skills they are learning in tandem while strengthening the attachment between moms and children.”