Taraleigh Weathers – Community Relations

I’m a weird and wild sequin-and-feather wearin’ live music fanatic living in Vermont. When I’m not at home in Burlington practicing yoga at Sangha, enjoying the local live music scene, watching sunsets or hanging out with my friends, I can be found galavanting around the world leading retreats, presenting talks and workshops or dancing at music festivals. Life wasn’t always this magical. It’s given me some majorly sour lemons that kicked the sparkles out of me and caused me to fall off my unicorn onto my sweet ass. But I got up, dusted myself off and started to realize that good times don’t have to end when the festival does. Today I create and produce in person and virtual live music events and retreats with a healthy twist. My book The Sweet Ass Self-Help Book is slated for release early 2017. If I go missing it’s because I exploded into a pile of dirt, sand and glitter because I’m so grateful to be the voice of the people on the Sangha Studio Board.