Sarah Diedrick

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Sarah Diedrick teaches from the belief that yoga allows us to stand in our true brilliance. Her style is strong, alignment-based vinyasa infused with playful, creative flavors. Her ultimate goal is to empower her students by offering them tools and insights they can carry with them beyond the mat.

Through alignment principles, creative sequencing and focus on breath, Sarah hopes to direct her students to the intelligence of the body as a way to feel wildly inspired and alive.
With a background in creative writing, Sarah weaves poetic language throughout her classes to highlight the artistic aspects of yoga. Sarah’s students can expect to explore their own styles of expression and the gifts they have to offer the world. Ultimately, play is the priority. As Sarah’s teacher once said, in Sarah’s class “you’ll have a damn good time!”

Sarah has studied with Paula Tursi and Amy Ippoliti. She is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and works with women to awaken their creative passion and joy. Sarah is located in Burlington, VT.

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