Philip England

Philip loves connecting with people and our world through his passion for yoga, travel, climbing, food, outdoor adventures, and wild life experiences. He spent much of his adulthood traveling around the globe playing music, which has given him a unique perspective in the ways that people find purpose and happiness in their lives. Philip is driven to continue this evolution by sharing his perspective with students, and learning from their experiences. He also enjoys a fierce, butt-kicking flow with a soundtrack to match.

Yoga has been transformative in Philip’s life, and he has immersed himself fully into deepening his understanding through practice and training. Along the way, he was surprised to discover the creativity and impact that teaching affords, and how meaningful that is to both himself and his students. Philip’s classes include his own style of vigorous, creative, core-heavy asana as a tool for quieting the mind and bringing awareness to the breath. He also layers in pranayama and meditation, alignment cues, and hands-on assisting for those who consent. Students will always be encouraged to listen to their bodies and honor their needs throughout their time on the mat.

Philip is dedicated to inclusive yoga. He hopes to create a space in his classes for students to be where they are, and to challenge themselves to do whatever work they need in that moment. For some, that means engaging physically, for others it means simply showing up and getting on their mat. All are welcome.