Lilly Foster

Lilly welcomes her students to move in a way that feels right for their unique body. She leads her class through a grounded, intentional sequence that is meant to ring out the stuck energy and get the blood circling and flowing throughout the body. Lilly has a positive, happy and light-hearted take on yoga. If it doesn’t feel good, why do it? Lilly hopes you will leave her classes feeling more open, peaceful and ready to take on the day!

Lilly is a yoga instructor, and preschool special educator for the Burlington School District. Lilly played sports throughout high school and college, she also loves to hike and ski. When she first came to yoga the year after college (about a decade ago), she could not touch her toes. With her Mom’s encouragement she continued going to class and started a home practice. Over the years, she can now not only touch her toes, but also uses yoga for peace of mind and body.