Laura Selin


Laura began teaching in 2012 after training under Aubree Saia in Madison, WI. Laura teaches to inspire & guide students to find a deeper sense of self through the integration of body, breath & mind. Her classes offer a balance between movement and stillness, incorporating aspects of Prana Flow (Shiva Rea) that focus on bringing movement, rhythm & breath into each asana. Through creative sequencing, Laura’s classes are often light and playful while providing students with space for their own inner reflection and practice. She works with students of all levels, providing kramas (stages) & options for all bodies.

Laura sees yoga as a means to anchor herself to the present moment, encouraging her to become more mindful in every day life through physical consciousness, connecting to the breath, and acting with intention. She sees herself as a true “householder” yogini as she navigates motherhood of two rambunctious young kids and develops roots in her new community after living a nomadic lifestyle over the last few years.

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