Julie Serow

Julie is a former dancer and present yoga teacher who moved to Vermont from New York City in March, 2018 seeking a different quality of life. She grew up dancing from the time she three years old and discovered yoga while in college. Initially, Julie viewed yoga as another form of physical movement to enhance her dancing, but it quickly grew into so much more for her spiritual and overall wellbeing. She completed her teacher training in 2014 at Laughing Lotus Yoga Center in Manhattan, where she studied with influential teachers including Dana Flynn, Ali Cramer, Sheri Celentano and Kenneth Frisby. She went onto to teach at Laughing Lotus as well as several other studios throughout NYC.

In Julie’s classes, you can expect to find a sense of pleasure and joy throughout your asana practice as well as insight into the reasons behind each posture, pranayama and transition. She incorporates her passions for movement and music with her knowledge of anatomy and other limbs of yoga into each of her classes.

You can join Julie for more classes at Kula Yoga Center for Yoga & Massage and at ZenBarn Studio.