Hanna Satterlee

A native Vermonter, choreographer, dancer and yogini Hanna Satterlee has been teaching throughout the country since 2008, with a vinyasa certification from Laughing Lotus Yoga School (SF, CA). Stemming from a love of all forms of movement, her classes focus on the intricacies in our anatomical structure, with a vigorous physical practice that demands mental clarity and focus. Hanna’s flow classes emphasize the importance of balancing strength and flexibility, how breath can give energy, and how will-power and strength can combat mental and physical illness. She works to incorporate a full body experience in each class with expressive, unique sequencing set to inspiring, rocking beats! You will leave energized and refreshed, with the confirmed belief that movement has the power to change and heal.

For more information:
Website: https://hannasatt.wordpress.com/ or visit http://vermontdance.org/

You can join Hanna for more classes at Evolution Physical Therapy & Yoga Studio.