Catherine Bergeron-Radoux – Teacher Advocate

Catherine began practicing yoga in 2003 as a way to satisfy P.E. credits in college. She was immediately drawn in by her teacher’s approach, its similarities to the mind-clearing benefits of rock climbing which she had also recently fallen in love with, and the community it created. After years of refining her home practice and taking the occasional community class, teacher-training was a natural progression. Midway through 200-HR certification, she serendipitously connected with Caitlin Pascucci just as Sangha Studio started coming to fruition. Catherine has been teaching at Sangha ever since and is incredibly grateful for being part of the studio from its infancy.

Having seen yoga adopted by individuals of all ages, for all different reasons and with a strikingly wide breadth of benefits, Catherine believes that yoga truly is a healing, lifelong practice for all who feel drawn to it. Faced with the financial challenge of committing to a regular practice in community studios at various points in her life, the idea of a studio with a “pay what you can” model immediately caught her attention. Sangha Studio embodies inclusivity in its offering of donation-based classes, diversity in all its offerings, and dedication to providing a space for all to gather no matter their experience or background. It demonstrates a way of offering yoga that perfectly aligns with Catherine’s view on the practice itself: it has no boundaries, it is there and available at all stages and circumstances of life, without judgement or expectations.

With a close eye on the studio, Catherine wishes to make it a space that can support and accommodate all who choose to enter it. Whether that’s bringing in particular workshops or making sure there are adequate supplies to support all its classes, she is always open to member and participant suggestions and ideas!