Caitlin Downey

Caitlin offers a dynamic blend of healing that reflects her innate energies of fire and water. She perceives when it’s the right time for flow, for softness, for gentle nurturing and nourishment. She also knows when it’s time for action, the ways in which to take the leap both intuitively and practically in the world. The common thread is a willingness and desire to move deeper and forward in one’s own personal path. This is reflected in her own life and in the work that she offers to others.

Caitlin’s Buti yoga classes are a combination of both challenge and nourishment along with self-reflection and practical application. Be ready to move your body in the way that feels right for you, connect with others, and feel the energy that makes you, you!

With her personal Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy sessions, Caitlin meets you wherever you are at and guides you to meet your own needs, conscious or not. There is never pressure to go where you aren’t ready. But when you are, she will be there to both hold you and help you dive in deep.

Training: Caitlin is certified through Buti Yoga and holds her 200-hr RYT. In addition, she completed a 600-hr Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy training.

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