Britt Shattuck



On January 9, 2015 at 8:21am Britt’s mom sent an email to her and her two sisters. It began, “ Dad and I met with a very nice neurologist on Monday. Yes, Daddy has several symptoms of Parkinson’s.” Later that week, knowing that she needed yoga to become an even bigger part of her life and a strong-grounded community for the upcoming years of challenge and change, Britt applied for the 200-hour YTT Training at Laughing River. Though she did not intend to teach, she quickly found that she wanted to share the breadth and depth of yoga with those around her.

Britt’s classes begin with a guided pranayama (breath work) to help us drop into our bodies and quiet the mind, before beginning asana practice (postures) and closing with a moment of silent meditation and re-connection to the breath. Britt uses her passion, direct nature and perceptiveness to provide a safe space for students in which to work on self-exploration, self-acceptance and self-growth as they peal away the layers of identity and arrive at their innately good self.

Classes open to all levels!
Britt loves the pelvis and the spine!