Corporate Memberships

Why add yoga to your employee wellness package?

Work that requires a lot of sitting can take a toll on the physical body. Shoulders round forward, causing the upper back to become strained & shortening the muscles in the chest that facilitate breathing. Overuse of hands can lead to carpal tunnel. Hips tend to tighten & shorten due to sitting for long periods of time. Work that’s more physically demanding, keeping people on their feet, can overuse bigger muscle groups. No matter what kind of work you do, there’s bound to be some physical things that come up!

A well-rounded workplace wellness program can help lower healthcare costs & increase productivity and job satisfaction. Yoga not only provides physical benefits to employees, but also fills a need for emotional well-being, exposing students to more tools to manage stress & stay present & grounded throughout the work day.

Corporate memberships are a great way to increase the wellness of employees, moral, and develop community engagement. With a corporate membership, all employees of your company are able to take classes at both studio locations.

Pricing Structure

Corporate Memberships have access to a deeply discounted per class rate for each visit from your employees. Our normal class rate is a suggested donation between $10 and $15. Corporate members receive a discount of at least 30% per class.

How it works:

  • Classes will be charged at $7/per person. We will email you an itemized audit of each of the classes your employees have attended and charge your credit card the following month.
  • If you would prefer to pay by check we can do with an additional charge of $1 per class visit to cover the extra administrative costs.
  • To be sure only your employees are signing in, we will keep a staff list on file or you can have employees show a form of identification at check-in if you’d like.

Benefits to Corporate Membership:

  • Employee access to 60+ classes per week at convenient times (early morning & later evening classes) at both studio locations, in downtown Burlington and in the Old North End.
  • Employee access to member mat storage
  • Employee access to special discounted rates (membership pricing) for workshops and special events hosted at Sangha Studio
  • Ability to join or cancel at anytime — no long-term commitment!

Workplace Yoga — We Come to You

In addition to the Corporate Membership or as a stand alone offering — we can bring yoga classes on-site in your workplace at a time that works for you or host an in-studio team building class for just your employees. A certified yoga instructor would come to you weekly or monthly to work with your employees at their level. Interested in a one-time workshop? An instructor can provide tips on how to incorporate little and big movements throughout the day to ease back and neck pain, soothe tired eyes, and clear their head in order to get through the rest of the work day.

Know that your membership support helps us expand our offerings both inside and outside the studio! Interested in a Corporate Yoga offering? Email us at for more information.