About Us

The word sangha translates from the Sanskrit language as “community”. Sangha Studio serves as a place where we can all feel supported and encouraged within our community, in our yoga practice, and in our lives. We aim to offer classes and events with the intention of growing community both inside and outside the studio. Offering classes for practitioners of all levels, yoga teacher meetups, donation-based classes, and more – Sangha Studio hopes to support not only your yoga practice, but you as an individual.

Sangha Studio opened in February 2014. From the beginning we had a goal of making yoga financially affordable and accessible to all. We wanted to offer a space for teachers and students to be creative in their ideas and supported in their efforts. In the early days, we offered an affordable option for classes, but something still just didn’t feel quite right. In the summer of 2014 we were given the idea to change our business model to be donation-based and nonprofit. This was it. It made sense for what we wanted and what our community needed. What exactly does this mean for the Burlington yoga community? As of September 1st, 2014 Sangha Studio began offering 100% donation-based class and Sustaining Memberships where members can practice as often as they want. Everyone is invited to join our mission and become a Sustaining Member! Being a sustaining member means that you are able to come and practice as much as you would like. For non-members, all classes are donation-based at a suggested rate of $10-$15 per class, although any donation amount is appreciated. The long term goal of Sangha Studio is to offer a place of support for students and instructors as well as to bring yoga service initiatives and community outreach programs in the community. Today, Sangha Studio rolls out over 3500 mats per month, hosts over 180 classes monthly at two studio locations, and oversees programs throughout local middle and elementary schools, the hospital, and has partnered with many other nonprofits organizations to bring yoga to their clients.

Have a question or want to just come meet us in person? Stop by and visit for drop-in hours! We’re open throughout the day so if our door is open, come in and say hi, check out the space, make some tea, and let us get to know you!

We hope to see you soon,
The Sangha Studio Team


As a result of many amazing people, Sangha Studio went from an idea to opening day in just about 3 months. Something a good friend told me a while back when she started her own business was that work shouldn’t be hard, and that there is a difference between working hard and working hard. Meaning, working hard and having things fall into place is different than working hard and putting all your energy into something but you’re still just barely getting by. Sangha Studio has really come about because of community – so when it came to coming up with a name for the space it was easy. Throughout the process of opening its been amazing to see the amount of support that everyone has given. Graphic designers, electricians, painters, everything. These people have all helped in so many different ways to make the opening of Sangha Studio the exact opposite of working hard. It seems like anytime I’m starting to think, “I could really use some help with….” then someone walks into the studio with that skill. It’s been incredible. And it makes me really excited to see where this all goes. I look forward to continuing on this crazy, beautiful journey and meeting each of you along the way.

~ Caitlin Pascucci, Executive Director and Founder

Vision: Community

Mission: To build an empowered community through the shared practice of yoga.


Community Practice

  • We welcome you as a part of our sangha family and hope that it becomes your home away from home.
  • We offer yoga service initiatives, outreach programs, and events that empower our local community.

Studio Practice

  • We host accessible, high quality yoga offerings that provide the full range of yin and yang energy.
  • We teach what we practice and we practice what we teach; by sharing and learning yogic principles and weaving them into our personal practices.

Business Practice

  • We strive to offer classes that allow for financial stability and growth for our teachers and students.
  • We believe in collaboration, not competition.
  • We listen, foster conversation, and are transparent.